We all have so much to be grateful for at any time of the year, and promotional gifts are a great way to convey to your customers, staff, and suppliers that you appreciate them. Building loyalty is paramount when you are in business, and utilising promotional products and bags has proven to be an effective way to add something extra to your corporate relationships.

While it’s standard practice to send out promotional gifts around Christmas time, you also have ample opportunities throughout the year to express to your stakeholders that they are valued by providing them with a token of your gratitude.

Promo Products That Last

Along with providing you with a brand positioning opening, corporate products for gifting are now leaning toward more practical, functional everyday items that are actually useful. Instead of buying cheap throw-away promo products, smart businesses understand that a durable, functional option will likely be used long term. This means your name gains some long-term recognition, and your clients, team, and suppliers are likely to feel more cherished. 

Planning Is Crucial

If you are looking to maximise your marketing and come up with cost-effective promotional gifts that add value to your corporate relationships, you have a few smart moves available to ensure you get optimum results.

Know Your Audience

First off, know your audience. Start a spreadsheet and list all the people you want to thank or spoil. You likely will not spend the same amount on everyone, so this may be tiered. Perhaps you decide that long-standing customers receive premium gifts, and then you allot a certain spend according to the particular relationship you are nurturing with each.

Mark Special Occasions 

Be thorough as to the occasions you are looking at marking. Bulk purchasing is generally less expensive so it makes sense to identify your promo product needs for the entire fiscal year. You definitely need staff gifts for birthdays and other holidays, you may want to celebrate a new service or merchandise launch with a promo product, and trade shows present a great opportunity to pass out quality promotional gifts to attendees.

Make a List of Appropriate Products 

Make a list of the types of promo products you think may be appropriate. You can get some great ideas from our catalogue. Decide at what juncture a promotional bag may be appropriate—trade shows are often a good spot to supply a few different items in a branded bag. Your promo product supplier should be able to help you nail down the specific items that represent you best.

Plan In Advance

A smart move is to plan well in advance as stock levels can fluctuate, and you may find that suppliers are inundated with orders at certain times of the year. To ensure you don’t miss out on the best deals and the better quality promo products available, get professional help with your planning and ordering.

What Are the Best Corporate Products for Gifting?

Once you have organised your spreadsheet of recipients, confirmed your budget and decided on the wisest timeframes for putting in your promotional gifts order, it’s time for the fun part—shopping! Because you are likely going for a tiered approach, you will need a range of promo products to address all the spending tiers you have decided on.

While many businesses offer a branded pen or drink bottle, you want to make sure that your top-tier promo products speak to the level of value you place on the relationships you have built. While loyalty may be its own reward, customers, suppliers, and team members all appreciate being recognised as an important part of your business, so make sure that you take care of those special people.

A well-made promotional bag that functions as a gym bag or a weekender is a clever place to start when looking for corporate gifts that are a cut above. By spending a little more for a wheeled duffle bag or a branded conference shoulder bag, you are potentially positioning your company logo on the move—outside the environment where your brand may usually be spotted.

Whatever style of promotional merchandise you need, we can help. Our high-quality branded items will enhance your next campaign strategy. Contact us now to discuss your next project with our friendly and experienced team.