Creating A Productive And Positive Work Environment

Jun 17, 2019 | Workplace, Strategy

Every business owner wants to foster a positive a productive work environment for themselves and their staff. It’s about getting the balance right between a number of things; the environment, trust, communication, expectations and many more.  

Ask yourself these key questions, how engaged are your staff members when they are at work? How do you put together a work environment to produce the best productivity out of your staff? What are your core values as a company? Explore what engages your staff and how to link these to your core values as a company. Engagement is a catalyst to productivity – so how do we cultivate engagement?

Below a some key ideas around getting your staff members engaged


  1.        Talking

Communication within a team is what makes a team successful. Allowing every team member the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts is key to getting the whole team engaged and not just taking a top to bottom approach.

Often your employees are front facing with your customers on a daily basis, so it only makes sense to tap into the knowledge your employees can share with you.


  1.        Hire the correct employees for the job

It may seem like a good idea to hire someone less educated for the role advertised to save costs or as a favour for someone. However this only adds complications and stress for everyone who has to pick up the slack of this employee as well as yourself who will get frustrated at tasks they cannot complete.

Hiring the correct person for the job is extremely important for the whole team involved, ensuring maximum productivity and a positive work environment.


  1.        Don’t Micromanage

Nobody likes to have somebody looking over their shoulder consistently scrutinizing their performance. If you want to create a positive work environment where you have an engaged team firstly you need to trust your staff.

Offer them the support and guidance they need to keep on track but then trust them to do the job you hired them for

Although creating an engaged team of staff members is extremely important we often forget about some of the smaller aspects that contribute to creating a positive work environment.

It is extremely important to create an environment which fosters creativity, engagement and productivity. This means thinking about the physical environment in which you expect your staff to be able to do this in. Things you could consider introducing to your workplace or thinking about:

–          Introducing plants or flowers to the office can a significantly positive effect on your staff members. It can reduce tensions and anxiety by 37%, depression by 58%, anger and hostility by 44%, fatigue by 38% and increase productivity by 15%.

–          Take a look at the layout of your office, does it foster open communication and collaboration? Open plan offices create an atmosphere for collaboration between all levels of employees.

–          Design a work environment that makes your staff feel motivated and inspired. You may not realise it but the colours, décor, plants etc have a enormous effect on peoples moods and brain activity. Think about what sort of environment would make you feel motivated and inspired.

–          Another important aspect to consider is the culture within your company. Positive work culture can have a great effect on the productivity of your team. It is important to create a culture within your business where staff are valued and taken care of.


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