With a lockdown-free 2023, the world is your oyster again and, at Image Group, we are ready to help you celebrate. If your promo products have been gathering dust in a back room, it may be time to look at incorporating some new branded products and merchandise into your marketing. This new year, hit the ground running at your corporate events, shows, and trade shows with a freshen-up of your display banners and a selection of multi-use branded products.

Branded Products Build Loyalty

When you supply your corporate clients or potential customers with branded products and merchandise, you increase loyalty to your brand. Another excellent way to push your company name out into the public sphere is to ensure your team is all stocked up with quality items that carry your name. Long-term recognition is a key factor in people’s minds when they are ready to shop, so make sure your branded merchandise is doing its work in the community, providing functional everyday items that speak to your value while keeping your name front of mind.

Trade Shows, Events & Fresh Brand Positioning

Events and trade shows are excellent opportunities to meet and impress your customers. If your promo products and branded merchandise are cheap and your banners look like they have seen better days, it speaks to a general lack of care and professionalism.

At Image Group, we only supply branded products that are durable and useful. We work to ensure that your name is synonymous with quality in the minds of your current and potential customers. When it comes to your event banners, it is crucial that you come to the party with a fresh look, make sure your lettering pops, and include some key messaging with a snappy catchphrase or smart logo.

Update Your Calendar

To ensure optimum marketing results across 2023, be sure to update your calendar as far ahead as possible. Include all the events you have planned and be sure to factor in trade and promotional opportunities, awards ceremonies, and special team-building days for your staff. If you have everything mapped out well in advance, you can be certain that the items you want will be available when you call on Image Group for your branded products and merchandise. You can get some great ideas from our catalogue.
Get to the Front of the Queue

Don’t miss out on a coveted item that could let your clients know that you value them and be sure to go premium with gratitude gifts that are a cut above for those customers who have demonstrated long-term loyalty to your business. This is particularly important at those times of the year when branded products are flying out the door. Think about how many of your competitors are going to be working on their trade displays and plan ahead to be the first in line for the best items to build your brand power.

Be Specific in Your Planning

In order to get your business seen with branded merchandise to support your marketing activities this year, you should be ultra-specific when you plan for events where you might provide giveaways. Whether you are looking at updating your pop-up signage for a trade show, or you need pull-up banners for a corporate party, Image Group has a solution to help get your brand noticed. You may want to look at branded products like outdoor apparel or merchandise that will be seen at the gym – like water bottles or towels. Think about the types of places your desired customer might go and plan your product marketing to meet their needs.

Whatever style of promotional merchandise you need, we can help. Our high-quality branded items will enhance your next campaign strategy. Contact us now to discuss your next project with our friendly and experienced team.