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Jun 17, 2019 | Products

In this blog post we are going to share with you our top selling items alongside an honest review of each item. We want to let you in on what works best for our customers and gets them the best results.

We have found the best results occur with our customers when they allow enough time for the promotional merchandise process. It is extremely important to explore all your options available from what product will best suit your company or promotion to what branding process is going to create the best results for your branding. Often this element is often over looked and as we want our customers to leave feeling satisfied with their final products it is important that we get this initial stage right.

Although we are going to identify some of our most popular products it is important to remember that all results will be different for each company as you all have different customers however these products are generally successful as they’re relevant in todays trends, satisfying peoples desires and habits.


  1.        Reusable coffee cups

These types of products are our most popular range, they are undeniably relative to the current trends, leaning towards the sustainability and environmental impacts companies need to consider. These products work great as customer giveaways, gift with purchases as well as staff incentives. They are highly integrable into everyone’s life’s which is what makes them a great product to give away. Your brand is exposed daily to many people along side the product being useful and helpful to the person being gifted it.

We have an extensive range of reusable coffee cups on offer to meet all requirements, ranging from upper market brands to more cost-effective options, glass to plastic, small to large and the options go on. Below are some more cost effective reusable coffee cups we managed for The Mind Lab which have been a huge success, resulting in repeat orders. 


  1.        Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are another great product, commonly used as giveaway to new customers or staff members leading up to the summer seasons. These can come in many shapes and sizes, with a range of accessories available such as integrated Bluetooth speakers. You can either go for a small, cost-effective option or, if you really want to reward your staff, go for a large family sized cooler with picnic accessories and speakers. A great example from one of our customers was to use these for their portion management packaging. We thought this was a great idea as it not only reduces the waste involved by eliminating large quantities of single-use plastics, but it also keeps the food fresh and cool.


  1.        Pens

Branded pens are such a simple but effective way of creating brand exposure. People use pens every day and will often carry one around with them. Simply branding a pen with your company name and contact details is an easy and effective way to generate brand exposure and brand awareness. If you’re on a tight budget for your marketing merchandise or haven’t even been allocated any at all, this is an extremely cost-effective option to consider using as a method to generate brand awareness and exposure.  This is often a basic product we would suggest when kitting out a new client with items that are going to work with their brand identity.  

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