Building loyalty and brand positioning can go hand in hand when looking for smart ways to let people know you offer a great product or service. 

While the term ‘brand awareness’ may seem like marketing jargon, it’s, in fact, a straightforward concept that’s easily attainable to ensure your products stay at the forefront of people’s minds, even for the smallest businesses.

Using promotional products to elevate brand awareness doesn’t just enhance your visibility and attract new customers; it’s also a great way to express appreciation to your staff and those who stop by your stand at trade events.

Read on to discover which affordable promotional products make excellent investments for building brand awareness while also reminding your staff and customers that you know how to take care of them.

Branded Water Bottles

Branded water bottles are a classic promotional product for businesses looking to build brand awareness. Gifting these branded bottles to your customers, staff, or visitors at your trade show booth allows you to witness the power of promotional gifts that literally showcase your brand as people walk around holding them, making them exceptional promotional products.

People love practical, functional branded products, and when you choose a water bottle, you can gain exposure to gyms, workplaces, and parks, and you may even have people walking into their own workplaces while displaying your brand!

A portable branded product is a vital tool for brand awareness, and selecting items like branded water bottles enables you to sit back and relax while your logo effortlessly works on your behalf.

View our versatile, convenient water bottle options here.

Tote Bags

Using branded products that are well-made ensures that your promotional gifts are actually going to get some use. Tote bags are an excellent option for employee gifts and are a smart choice for company event days or promotional handouts at functions.

With a well-made tote, you open up brand awareness as a long-term proposition, with people reusing a durable tote with a comfortable strap length over and over again. While you could opt for a disposable tote to hold giveaways, choosing a cotton or canvas tote with the possibility of sleek embroidered branding adds value to its contents. Plus, the bag will surely be used beyond the initial event.

View our Tote Bag options to think outside the box.

Custom Apparel

Everyone loves a free T-shirt, but when it comes to custom apparel, there are many fantastic options beyond the classic T-shirt to choose from these days. Providing promotional gifts that will see frequent use is the key to creating branded products that will do the heavy lifting for your business.

Consider offering seasonal handouts to employees and customers featuring your logo embroidered on a cozy cable-knit scarf or a stylish bomber jacket for the cooler months. Then break out a classic tee or racerback singlet for the summer months.

You can also build company events around a custom apparel item: use promotional gifts like printed aprons to stage a cook-off competition or distribute hooded towels as promotional gifts at a beach picnic. Safety gear and everyday uniform items are also excellent ways to utilize branded products.

Check out our Custom Apparel options here.

Pull-up Banners

Pull-Up Banners are a durable and stylish indoor promotional option to add to your collection of branded products. These lightweight, easy-to-use banners look professional and add a touch of sophistication to your reception area or the foyer of your function room for conferences and events.

Ideal for trade shows and exhibitions, Pull-Up Banners are wonderfully compact, quickly retracting into a custom-sized padded carry bag when you’re ready to pack up. These highly portable promotional products can bring style to your showroom or boardroom.

View our stylish Pull-Up Banners here.


Using Lanyards as promotional products ensures your branded items get taken out to lunch! You can hand out Lanyards with a security card or key for everyday use or create a special access pass attached to a branded Lanyard for guests, consultants, or contractors.

Lanyards are versatile and convenient promotional products that offer a smart way to showcase your logo on the move. Choose a branded color or mix it up for company events, festivals, or trade shows. You can have your business name printed right on the Lanyard, and there are some great adjustable options – you can even choose a Lanyard that comes with a built-in 3-in-1 charger!

View our Lanyards here.

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